50 Great Spots of Portugal – Best Of Instagram


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50 Great Spots of Portugal – Best Of Instagram Book

I’m really quite happy to be featured on the book “50 GREAT SPOTS OF PORTUGAL – Best Of Instagram” with so many other very talented photographers. The very best part is that part of the sales will go to the Portuguese Parkinson’s disease Association (APDPk).

Although it’s not the first time that a photo from me is published somewhere, it’s the first time that appears on a book. I hope on the near future, many more photos are featured.

I remember last summer seeing a book selling on the bookstores from Portugal, which featured the best photos from Portugal on Instagram. I checked how could I appear on a book like this and saw that the Instagram page @super_portugal was the one which was choosing the photos and that published the book.

So the first thing I did when I got home was follow this page and start putting a hashtag of them on my photos. Although I only have maybe two or three good photos from Portugal, one of them was featured on the page… I know it’s a shame to only have a pair of photos from my homeland but everytime I come back, I don’t have the time to take shoot..

Later the photo was selected to appear on the book, as the best photo from Azenhas do Mar.

I’m actually “double” happy, because not all photos appeared on two pages 🙂


This book is selling on the main book shops in Portugal or at Prime Books website.

Azenhas do Mar

If you don’t know Azenhas do Mar, this place is really incredible but it’s not so easy to reach if you don’t live in the area. There is no easy public transportation to go there, so you have to go with your car. Azenhas do Mar resembles the area of Cinque Terre in Italy, though on a smaller scale. There’s an oceanic pool there and some nice restaurants. For the more adventurous people, you can swim or surf on the waves :p

If you want to know the behind the scenes from this photo, click here.

What are you waiting for? Go check now the book online! You can also buy it, even if you don’t live in Portugal.


Happy shooting!

Luis Pina