10 Best Spots in Barcelona

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It’s now one year since I visited Barcelona, but I can’t forget that wonderful city, full of colors and joy. The city has a huge diversity and it’s really difficult for anyone not to like it, because it has something for each person. Barcelona has beaches, mountains around it, many museums, old and modern architecture and almost always sunny weather.

Here I write my 10 best spots in Barcelona to experience the city.

Agbar Tower and area around it

This tower is without a doubt the most luminous building at night. With its bright red and blue lights it’s a spot that I recommend to visit especially at night.

Agbar Tower

Around it you can find the Disseny Museum that has an illuminated area on the floor, that change colors. When I was there were some chairs, I don’t know if they are still there, but you can sit there and relax. On this area you can find also the Mercat del Encants, which is a flea market, on which you can find many different products. The structure is recent and has an amazing golden ceiling.

Mercat del Encants

Park Güell

Barcelona is an expensive city, mainly on the entraces of museums. They all have high prices, but if you onnly visit one, I recommend de Park Güell. Be careful to buy the ticket some time before, because there is limited visitors per day.

Park Guell

La Sagrada Familia

This top could not be done without the city’s most recognizable spot, La Sagrada Familia. When the construction is finished, it will be the highest church in the world. All around the city you can see the amazing imagination from Antoni Gaudi, but this is maybe his masterpiece.

Barri Gotic

To have a experience of what Barcelona is, we have to lose ourselves on the little streets of the Gothic Quarter, where each corner has it’s own story to tell. On this area you will see and feel the city, like nowhere else on Barcelona.

Barri Gotic

Font Magica

Between the Plaça d’Espanya and the Montjuic complex, you find the Magical Fountain. I recommend that you visit this fountain at night and on the light show days, on which the fountain is illuminated with different colors. It was my favourite experience of my trip to Barcelona.

Font Magica

The show takes about 30 minutes and don’t forget to go earlier, so that you find the best place. See the Timelapse that I’ve made, below.

La Rambla

The most know city in Barcelona and maybe the most busy, is a mixture of colors, smells and emotions. Here you can find flowers, clothes and souvenir shops, as well as the La Boqueria Market.

Las Ramblas

This market is probably the best I’ve seen to date, on which everything is well organized and the variety of products is amazing. I recommend that you visit this place to eat awesome food and drink fruit juices, at really good prices.

La Boqueria

View of Barcelona

To get a privileged view of the city, you have to walk a little bit up the the streets to the Bunker del Carmel or to the Turó de les Tres Creus.

Barcelona View

The view at sunrise or sunset is really amazing, so just sit and relax seeing both the city and the sky changing colors.

See below my Timelapse of this special view of Barcelona at sunset.

La Barceloneta

Entering on this beach area, it seems that we are on another completely different place. Walk arount the marina and on the beach and it will seem to you that you are on a different city.

Barcelona Marina

Near this area you can also find a big steel structure, which resembles a whale. If it’s good weather, enjoy some time on the beach 🙂

Barcelona Beach


Montjuic is a little hill on the city, which has a olympic complex, as well as a castle on the top of it. It has also a nice view of the city.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to visit this area, but on the next photo you can see the Palau Nacional, which is the beginiing of this park.



Tibidabo is the highest mountain around Barcelona and it allows you to have a top view of the city. On its top, there’s a spectacular church and an amusement park.

Unfortunately I was not able to visit Tibidabo, but on the next photo you can see the imposing church and the amusement park on the top of the mountain.


On the beginning this top would be for only 5 spots, but it was so hard to choose, that I made it for 10 spots. Still it was difficult to leave some places out of this list.

Were you already in Barcelona? Do you any spots that you think belong to this List? Leave you opinion below!

Happy shooting!