Travel on Rothenburg, Bamberg and Würzburg


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Our first trip in 2017 was a visit to not only one, or two but three cities here in Germany: Würzburg, Bamberg and Rothenburg, in January.

These three cities are relatively small, specially the “mini-city” Rothenburg. As they are not so distant from each other, we took that weekend to explore them all.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg was the first city that we visited, only for a couple of hours, on our way to Bamberg. A very little city with lots of charm, even more when covered in snow. At the time we visited there was still some snow, as you can see on the top of the roofs on the next photo.

Rothenburg represents exactly what a typical German city represents, with their little houses resembling those fairy tales. It’s a city which is a little bit far from any big city, but there’s still some tourism there. Curiously all of the shops have their products on two languages, German an Chinese 😮

We couldn’t visit the complete city because it was already getting too late and we needed to do the check-in on the apartment in Bamberg, but still I could take a nice shot of this beautiful spot.


Bamberg was our favorite city of the three. We had a full day of blue skies, although 0°C was the hottest temperature.. It’s a city with many historical buildings that although it was bombed on the Second World War, as almost all of the German cities, it maintains much of the original architecture.

The location of the apartment couldn’t be better, right on the city center and 2 minutes by foot from the spot where I wanted to take photos. It would not be possible to find a better place if it wasn’t for Airbnb 🙂

I really like this photo not only due how beautiful the building is (old City Hall) but because of taking on total an hour to take this photo, with a temperature of -14°C. If I wouldn’t like this photo, I would be a “little” upset..


Würzburg is the largest city of the three, but maybe the less traditional. The city was brutally bombed during World War II by the English, destroying 90% of the city in only 17 minutes.. The city was reconstructed like it was before.

It has a huge fortress on the top and it’s without a doubt the highlight of the city. When we visited it, the Main river that goes through the city, was partially frozen!

Würzburg has other historic buildings like the Cathedral and the Würzburg Residence, which is below.

In short, it was a very interesting weekend, on which in only two days, we visited three cities. These three cities are not on every tourist guide but they deserve to be visited.