Sony World Photography Awards


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People that have been following my social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, know for sure that two of my photos have been awarded on the Sony World Photography Awards.

The Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA) are one of the, if not, the biggest open competitions to both professionals, as well as amateurs. All of the awarded photos on the different categories, will be exposed on the Somerset House in London, between April 21 and May 7. There are really awesome photos from many very talented photographers. So, if you are in London on those dates, go check the exposition!

Fortunately I will be there, because Andreia offered us a weekend trip to London, on my birthday:)

When I started to photograph, I’ve never really thought that one day I would be awarded on one competition like this, and moreover, two times. It’s incredible to see my journey until now, that only started for 4 years, being only since 2016 professionally.

Reconcile my Engineering profession with Photography has not been easy at all. It has been with lots of sacrifice, dedication and hard work that I maintain these two activities. No one knows more that the person which is at my side, Andreia and my family, from which I’m separated by a lot of Kilometers physically but always present mentally. These awards are dedicated to all of them, without whom I could not be on this position.

Thank you to all of you for your sacrifice and unconditional support.

Awarded Photos on Sony World Photography Awards

Stopping with all of this whining, it’s an incredible honor to have a photography on the 50 best in the Architecture Category, with the photo below.

But it’s an even bigger honor, to being elected the 2nd Best Portuguese Photographer on the same competition, with the following photo 🙂

Both of these photos were taken on the same day, on the incredible and modern Stuttgart Library. I had bought my new camera only some hours before and those photos were only meant to be a test. I had no idea at the time that they would be awarded 🙂

People that know me well know that I love to read. I love being near books, in Libraries or in Book Shops, and also the smell of them (I think people that also love books understand this). It was also with the help of books and a lot of practice, that my photography changed from recreational to a passion. So if I would be that one of my photos would be awarded, it would be from this modern “book’s temple”.

Lots of people already asked me if this Library is really like that. My answer is always: “It’s even better!”.

It’s with a lot of joy that I see my photo being published on newspapers all around the world, such as the Daily Mail and Telegraph (England), Der Spiegel (Germany) and Diário de Notícias, Sábado and Público (in Portugal), just to name a few.

Congratulations also to Luis Godinho (good first name!) for the 1st Place on the Portuguese category, with his photo “Janela” (Window). This photo is of a small girl from Senegal, on the farewell from the humanitarian mission from AMI.

As for me, I will keep working hard to make better photos and continue my success, doing what I most love.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Mine is only beginning 🙂